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Live Life Intentionally®

Josh’s personal mission is to help those he leads live life intentionally. One of the methods for teaching on this topic is a weekly email in which he shares from the heart what God is teaching him. Often drawing from personal life experience, these messages often take a simple concept and turn it into practical application for living an intentional life. Below are a few of his most recent messages. Should you desire to receive these weekly emails, please inquire below.

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Why Wait

On January 25th, I walked out of our conference room after a meeting with a long-term client couple thinking, “How blessed we are to have them as clients.”

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Count the Cost

Do you struggle with saying "No"?

Or after you build up the courage to say “No”, are you immediately burdened with the sick feeling of guilt? “Yes” and “Yes” for yours truly, and I bet you can relate.

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Like Mike

Much like other boys growing up in the 90’s, I was obsessed with being like Michael Jordan. Hours spent in the driveway imitating his last second shots. Wheaties for breakfast, Gatorade to rehydrate, and yes, maybe even Hanes for my underwear. But nothing compared to my love for his Nike Air Jordan shoes.

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Shared Interest

How much rain did you get?

The house was still dark as I sat in my chair one morning this past month. A thunderstorm was rolling in, and the pitter-patter sound of rain hitting the window filled my ears. While I should have been opening my Bible to read that day’s devotion, my mind drifted back to memories of conversations with my grandfather.

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Why I Write…

A moment I will never forget…

As I reflect on 2022 and all the meaningful moments therein, it is hard to pick a single highlight that stands above the rest. This past year has been a blessing in so many ways, starting with the opportunity to share these messages with you, the reader.

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Nothing's Promised

"Nothing's promised."

This was Russell Wilson’s statement in his December, 2020 video honoring Kobe and Gigi Bryant, as he shared his thoughts on their tragic passing.

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Win the "Right" Way

Is it possible to win a game and feel bad about it? Or maybe lose a game and feel good about it?

Several years ago, I had a conversation with a good friend and longtime mentor. Knowing he also had lost his father at a young age, I asked him, “How do I go about teaching our kids who my father was, considering he passed away from pancreatic cancer before they were born?” In his wisdom he shared, “While we will lose people we love during our time on Earth, the only way they are truly gone is if we stop talking about them. Tell your kids stories about your dad and they will always have a connection with him.” Therefore, with today being the 19th anniversary of my father’s passing, I am resharing one of those impactful stories. A story about a life lesson on integrity and winning…the “right” way. And in doing so, I hope to once again carry forward my father’s legacy in your hearts and minds as well.

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Brutally Honest

"Brutally honest is still brutal."

I don’t recall where I heard or read this quote, but it is one that I have been wrestling with for some time. How many times have I been guilty of justifying my comments with the statement, “I am just being honest”? How many times have I used that justification to later realize my comments were neither well received, nor acted upon. I doubt I am the only one who has thought they were doing the right thing by being brutally honest.

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