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Emerging Professionals


For over 20 years, Waite Financial Group has been serving up-and-coming professionals and their families. We understand and appreciate the challenges involved in growing your career, raising a family, and striving to achieve balance. We know what it means to be in this season of life because we’ve been there before, and we intend to share the wisdom we have learned along the way. We take great pride in helping emerging professionals gain financial peace of mind so they can focus their attention on the people and causes they love.

It takes a special individual to have the humility to ask for help when the world suggests you should just “do it yourself”—and those who do quickly appreciate our approach that makes complex strategies simple. We help you maximize your company benefits, optimize your debt (e.g., student loans), and manage your risks, all of which are foundational to our unique planning approach.


Make complex financial strategies easy to understand.

Integrate tax efficient strategy, wealth accumulation, and risk management into a comprehensive financial plan.

Provide valuable perspective from years of helping others navigate success both personally and professionally.

Help you gain confidence that you are well prepared for the future, freeing you to fully enjoy the present.