Josh Waite has been tremendous in helping my family and I decide on our Caterpillar's Open Enrollment decisions and strategies. Josh will guide your thinking through different scenarios to ensure you pick the options that best reflect your family's interests, risk levels, and financial situation.

—  Pete Vandermyde, Engineer, Caterpillar Inc.

I made the switch to Josh after several trusted CAT coworkers recommended his services. It has been nearly a year, and I have been impressed. He laid out a specific plan for my financial success, and we meet on a regular basis to make sure we're on track. Josh knows the Caterpillar systems and benefits well, so he is able to give specific advice and head's up on different CAT benefits and deadlines.I recommend his service!

—  Mark Perkes, Mini Excavator Commercial Team, Caterpillar Inc.

Josh Waite possesses a thorough knowledge about Caterpillar compensation and benefits and he has been very helpful in providing consultation about the available options to make appropriate decisions based on your specific needs.

—  Massimo Pini, Global Procurement Manager, Caterpillar Inc.

My wife Kathleen and I went to see Josh Waite because he was recommended by a friend. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of the Caterpillar benefits program. In my first visit. I learned things about the Caterpillar benefits plan that i never really understood over my career, and especially what i needed to do during the November enrollment period. With any financial advisor, trust was my number one concern. Josh Waite has earned my trust. He took the time to listen to our concerns, understand our goals and help us develop a plan. He was never pushy but rather made sure we understood the trade-offs on every decision. My own personals desire was to ensure I had a financial advisor that Kathleen felt comfortable with, trusted and one that she could count on for the long-term. Josh genuinely cares about his clients.

—  Cliff Miller, Caterpillar Retiree

Josh Waite has helped me understand and maximize my benefits programs. I feel so much better working with Josh as he helps to make the complex simple.

—  Kathleen Horchler, Director of Emissions Regulations & Conformance, Caterpillar Inc.

Josh Waite has always helped me to maximize the Caterpillar benefit programs in a timely fashion during the open enrollment periods. He takes time to explain the benefit as it pertains to my situation. Josh Waite has an in-depth understanding of these benefits which I always appreciate.

—  Karl Vandermyde, Caterpillar Retiree, 30 plus year client of Northwestern Mutual

My wife and I have enjoyed working with Josh on our financial plan. Josh has intimate knowledge of Caterpillar benefits and how to best compliment Caterpillar benefits with their own products. What we enjoy most about Josh is that he takes the time to get to know us and then tailors his advise to our specific situation. Josh focuses on teaching us about the different products and having an open discussion about how they best work for our life and goals. Even if we decide we aren't interested in a specific product, Josh continues to give us wholistic advise about our financial plan.

—  Andy Menke, Marketing Representative, Caterpillar Inc.

Josh does a great job of helping my family plan for our long-term goals while balancing our short term needs. Josh Waite has been a great partner over our 17-year relationship.

—  Andy Jobes, Industry Territory Manager, Caterpillar Inc.

Josh Waite's advice has been invaluable in helping me navigate my financial future as a physician.

—  Dr.Trina Croland, MD, FAAP

Over the years, Josh Waite has done a fine job for me and my family. His is a good man, and I am always comforted to know that he has our best interests at heart. As a result, I trust his opinion and his advice.

—  Dr. Adalberto Torres, Jr., MD

Josh has always impressed me as a man of integrity. He is a family man with strong values and I feel comfortable that he is offering me honest and sound advice. I do believe he has my best interests in mind. He always follows through and is available when I need him. He has helped me put my plans in order and put me on the right track to meet my financial goals.

—  Dr. Steven Tsoraides, surgeon

My husband and I have been working with Joshua Waite for over 15 years! His sound advice, common sense approach and easy-going, low pressure style helped us feel very comfortable sharing our personal aspirations, goals and financial situation with him. He gently challenged us to think beyond the obvious, encouraged us to anticipate things we otherwise might have ignored and, over the years, his advice has added value to our financial planning efforts. He can be counted on to follow up with us on future planning things we had discussed. He has become a confidant, and I have recommended him to many other family members and friends.

—  Kathy and Garry Mock, Caterpillar Inc. retiree


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