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WFG is a diverse team acting as your guide on the journey called "life"; passionate about serving you today and your loved ones into the future.  We create a transparent experience that includes a personalized map, customized solutions, and a skilled team that excels at high-touch personal service, all rooted in our unique ability to make the complex...simple.  As your fiduciary, we specialize in behavioral coaching, tax-strategic financial planning, and deep market-specific wisdom. This combination makes it possible for you to achieve true financial peace of mind and live your best life now, all while creating an intentional legacy for the future.


If you need to schedule an appointment or request any other service, please contact Melissa Malson (309-306-7525) and she will respond promptly.

Fee-Based Planners are fiduciaries with regard to the plan.  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals act as fiduciaries when making any insurance or securities recommendations to a client per CFP® Board Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

Melissa L Malson

Melissa L Malson

Client Relationship and Marketing Manager

Melissa joined my team in February of 2019. Melissa impacts our client experience by providing service and support for financial planning needs. She also facilitates the execution of numerous key marketing initiatives.

How can Melissa help you?

  • Schedule an appointment and direct customer inquiries
  • Assist new clients throughout the onboarding experience
  • Connect and inform our clients of Northwestern Mutual’s online technology and media
  • Insurance applications and underwriting liason to Home Office

Prior to joining our team, Melissa spent 20 years in retail management for both Gap Inc. and Limited Brands. Having worked for Banana Republic for over 13 years, she led a team of 20 in the delivery of a consistently positive customer experience. She held a variety of responsibilities such as sourcing, selecting and developing team members, scheduling staff, managing market trends, driving productivity, optimizing traffic, and achieving sales goals. She is passionate in the mission to end childhood cancer as a 7th year Memphis to Peoria St. Jude Runner. Melissa received her Communications Degree from Illinois State University.

Shawn Ronald Mazander

Shawn Ronald Mazander

Associate Wealth Management Advisor

Shawn joined our team in June of 2010. Shawn structures comprehensive financial plans for our clients. He also serves as our in-house executive compensation & benefits expert.

How can Shawn help you?

  • Create and update personal financial plans
  • Answer retirement and investment plan questions
  • Answer questions related to insurance coverage
  • Conduct annual investment reviews
  • Provide specialized guidance related to employee compensation and benefit issues

Prior to joining our team, Shawn spent fifteen years at Caterpillar Inc. where he held a variety of leadership positions including Executive Compensation Manager, Compensation & Benefit NPI Manager, Global Integration Manager, and Human Resources Director. In these roles, he had direct responsibility for managing a variety of employee compensation & benefits plans including stock options, restricted stock, pension, 401k, salary administration, STIP and the supplemental deferred compensation plans. Shawn received a B.A. in Accounting and Finance, Cum Laude from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, as well as an Executive MBA from Bradley University. Shawn has also practiced as a CPA specializing in tax planning and preparation for high net worth individuals.

Hannah M Foulk

Hannah M Foulk

Operations Manager

Hannah joined our team in March of 2019. She brings several years of experience within the financial industry. She is an asset to our team as she currently serves in opening investment accounts and investment related client servicing.

How can Hannah help you?

  • Create and update personal financial plans
  • Insurance applications and underwriting
  • Answer retirement and investment planning questions
  • Assist in customer service inquiries

Prior to joining our team, Hannah was a valued associate at Northwestern Mutual of Savannah in Georgia. She brings with her 4 years of industry experience as an investment associate. Hannah received her Agriculture and Consumer Economics Degree from The University of Illinois C-U.

Anne Elizabeth Schutt

Anne Elizabeth Schutt

Associate Wealth Management Advisor

Anne joined our team in the winter of 2020. Anne is dedicated to individuals who want to learn more about the holistic view to finanical planning. She is passionate about meeting clients where they are and cares about where our clients want to be. Her goal is to assist in putting a plan in motion.

How can Anne help you?

  • Conduct Annual account and investment reviews
  • Create and update personal financial plans
  • Answer retirement and investment related questions

Anne Schutt began her financial planning career with Northwestern Mutual Greater Peoria in October of 2019. Anne recently retired from a two decade career in the healthcare industry. Her interest in financial planning and strategy and her Executive MBA in Healthcare Administration gives Anne a unique perspective in helping clients navigate their financial future.

Christopher T Robinson

Christopher T Robinson

Service Manager and Planning Analyst

Chris joined our team in September of 2019. Chris is an asset to our team as he strives to provide each and every physician family with the opportunity to experience a goal-achieved financial future. Chris can assist in the financial planning for any individual or family.

How can Chris assist you?

  • Teach and present positive finanical habits and all planning details to groups and individuals, specializing in the medical industry.
  • Assist in annual evalution for income driven repayment plans
  • Assist in planning for future tax and student loan forgiveness
  • Create and update personal financial plans

Prior to joining our team, Chris earned his BS at Bradley University in 2008. Chris worked in the healthcare clinical research field for 6 years. He attended medical school overseas, but decided that medicine wasn't for him. Chris also substitute taught at Peoria Academy. That said, Chris has spent an extensive amount of time becoming a trusted resource for medical professionals in the area of student loan planning. 


*Neither NM nor it's financial representatives or staff provide tax advice.  Please consult with your independent tax professional regarding your specific circumstances.  

Tyler Scott McDonald

Tyler Scott McDonald

Associate Wealth Management Advisor

Tyler joined our team in September of 2019. Tyler was a College Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual-Greater Peoria for 3 years.

How can Tyler help you?

  • Assist in customer service inquires
  • Answer retirement and investment planning questions

Prior to joining our team full-time, Tyler was a four-year starting pitcher for Monmouth College where two times he earned First Team All-Conference recognition, including Pitcher of the Year in his Senior Season.


Joshua T Waite, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®
Wealth Management Advisor

Waite Financial Group


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