Joshua T Waite, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®
Wealth Management Advisor

Waite Financial Group


"Josh Waite's advice has been invalueable in helping me navigate my financial future as a physician." 

-Dr.Trina Croland, MD, FAAP

“I have worked with Josh for many years because he is trustworthy, communicates clearly, and doesn't pressure you into doing things that don't fit your future goals.

Josh is the best financial advisor I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Josh to anyone who asks. “

-Dr. Adalberto Torres, MD, Pediatric Intensive Care

“Josh provides constant evaluation of the changes in life risks and any areas that are uncovered. 

Josh is focused on my success in life and then on my financials. Josh is flexible to support plans that include both solid analytics and divine guidance. 

Josh continues to demonstrate the highest level of integrity in creating plans that are better for my family even when there is less revenue for his business. 

Josh demonstrates a balance of strong financial and risk planning capability as well as a desire to see good things happen in people's lives and our community.”

-Mark Ward, Caterpillar Inc., Director of Corporate Supply Chain

Josh has always impressed me as a man of integrity.  He is a family man with strong values and I feel comfortable that he is offering me honest and sound advice.  I do believe he has my best interests in mind.  He always follows through and is available when I need him.  He has helped me put my plans in order and put me on the right track to meet my financial goals.  

-Dr. Steven Tsoraides, surgeon

“We were referred to Josh through a close friend who had developed a very trusting relationship with Josh.  After several discussions, we gained high confidence in Josh and relied on him for guidance in making the final decision to retire.  

He has since proven to be a very kind, thoughtful individual who has a strong grasp of financial implications and has provided a steady hand in suggesting financial strategies to lead us into the future.  

His low-pressure, yet knowledgeable style works very well with us and has led to him becoming not only our financial manager, but a friend.”

-Brian Hockridge, Caterpillar Inc. retiree

“When friends or even old colleagues asked me how I came to the decision point on my retirement, I always tell them, "eventually you have to trust someone. You either trust your ability and skills to manage your financial future or you trust someone else's experience, education, wisdom and foresight." I then tell them that about 10 years before I decided to retire I met Josh and we started a relationship over simple things like Life Insurance and then as life experiences changed, things like the death of parents, it opened discussion on Long Term Health Care, Retirement, Retirement options, etc.

In the approximately 15 years I have known Josh, I have no greater admiration for an individual who displays Integrity and Discipline, in both his professional and personal life. I have benefited greatly in my personal life from knowing Josh and letting him speak into my life in many areas.” 

-Ed Brockway, Caterpillar Inc. retiree

“My history when It comes to investment brokers / consultants has been like a revolving door. I have always had problems finding the right person that I can not only trust, but be at peace that he or she is doing what they think is best for my personal situation.

When I met Josh a few years ago on a mission trip I felt that he had the core values I looked for in someone who would be handling my financial future: Christ follower, honesty, integrity and that he would have my best interests in mind.

After having multiple conversations and meetings over the months that followed, Josh solidified in my mind what I thought from the beginning of our relationsihp that he would be a gret choice to hand over our financial future to and to be at peace with that decision. So far I can honestly say that I have no regrets whatsoever that we made that change.   

I am one to be very reserved to recommend people to my family and friends when it comes to financial issues. But with Josh it’s a no brainer.

He is absolutely the best overall that I have ever dealt with." 

-Scott Bauer, owner/manager, Wrightway Interior Systems LLC

"We have 100% trust that Josh has our best interests in every decision he makes involving our investments.  I know Josh's mother personally, and if I have any question regarding his advice, I tell him that if he would do the same for his mother, then I am comfortable with his advice." 

-James Grimm, retiree

Josh is a very patient and attentive listener.  We had multiple discussions and exchanges of information before I became one of his clients.  I appreciate his ability to effectively listen to my needs and concerns, and then propose possible solutions my challenges.  He has remained consistent in his demeanor and approach and offers appropriate information and reminders, but is not heavy-handed or pushy in his approach.  I value the perspective and ideas that Josh and his team provide, even if we don’t always agree 100%.  I believe his team has added value to me, and they have certainly added peace-of-mind for me as I planned for retirement from the corporate world.  Overall, I am pleased and satisfied with the advice and coaching I receive from Josh and consider him a trusted advisor for me as I approach the next phase of my life.

-Reid Waitt, Caterpillar Inc. retiree

“My husband and I have been working with Joshua Waite for over 15 years!  His sound advice, common sense approach and easy-going, low pressure style helped us feel very comfortable sharing our personal aspirations, goals and financial situation with him.  He gently challenged us to think beyond the obvious, encouraged us to anticipate things we otherwise might have ignored and, over the years, his advice has added value to our financial planning efforts.  He can be counted on to follow up with us on future planning things we had discussed.  He has become a confidant, and I have recommended him to many other family members and friends.”

-Kathy and Garry Mock, Caterpillar Inc. retiree


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